reduce your anxiety in eight easy steps


Feeling happy is our natural state

1. Anxiety is not a mental illness

2. It is the normal fight or flight reaction to something we experienced

3. I can teach you the tools to reduce anxiety in 8 easy steps, even after years of suffering.

4. 80% of the average person's thoughts are negative.

5. most of what we think and do is caused by how we are feeling at that moment. 

6. My method is based on science- the biology of emotions

7. which is why it always works


Learning from my experience

For more than 50 years I worked as a professional in the State's Mental Hospitals and Prisons.

As a child, I experienced poverty and family violence. Together, this was the perfect training and experience to create this unique program.

As far as I know, it is not available anywhere else, at any price.


stop blocking your happiness

Why has it been so hard to change?

We have been taught that our thoughts control everything - that if we can change our thoughts we will change how we feel and what we do - but that’s not true.

Our emotions control almost everything we think and do. Their energy is more than 500 time stronger than our thoughts, which explains why our feelings control most of what we think and do, and why most people fail when they try to make changes.

My program will teach you how easy it is  to change feelings and behaviors when you learn how to use the science.